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Sumits Hot Yoga North Phoenix Owner and Teacher Ashley Zettler knows firsthand about the abundant healing abilities of hot yoga, and the multitude of ways in which it strengthens both body and mind. Once a stress-ridden student at San Francisco’s Academy of Art, it was when she discovered the practice of Bikram that her passion for spreading the powerful wellness benefits of yoga truly began to ignite.

Sumits Yoga North Phoenix is the result of that passion reigniting following Ashley’s return to her home state following graduation. Upon taking classes under the leadership of Sumits Yoga Creator Sumit Banerjee, Ashley fell in love with the Sumits sequence and opened Sumits Yoga North Phoenix, fulfilling a longtime dream of helping others heal and make personal strides through hot yoga practice.

Sumits Hot Yoga North Phoenix blends Sumit’s time-tested techniques with Ashley’s visionary teaching style, and the results range from taut and toned bodies to encouraged, relaxed and more self-aware minds.

Sumits Hot Yoga blends the practices of Bikram and Vinyasa, and has a broad range of classes intended for students of all ages and abilities. Call or stop into Sumits Yoga North Phoenix today and start making the changes you wish to see in yourself.

Live the life you have imagined.” – Henry David Thoreau